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Mikado USA

Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan Alu (40mm)

Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan Alu (40mm)

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Since our Tribunus 14-200A ESC released, a lot of pilots asked where to get the 40mm cooling fan for it. We heard that voice so we produce a very powerful cooling fan for the ESC Tribunus I/II 14-200A/14-300A. Scorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan (40mm) is built by Aluminum alloy and it can deliver excellent cooling power for your ESC. It increases air flow to help extend the lifespan of your ESC. It is suitable for Tribunus14-200A, II 14-200A & 14-300A ESC.


Length : 40mm (1.57")

Width : 40mm (1.57")

Thickness : 10.6mm (0.42")

Weight : 22g

Fan Speed 8.4V : 16000 RPM

Weight including packaging


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