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1031-3 Whiplash Nitro V2 Flybarless (FBL) - Kit

1031-3 Whiplash Nitro V2 Flybarless (FBL) - Kit

  • $999.99

  • Sturdy graphite main frame unit
  • CNC machined Delrin 117 tooth helical main gear+
  • Optional gear ratios
  • True T6-6061 CNC machined aluminum components
  • CNC machined aluminum triple main shaft bearing blocks
  • Direct controlled 120 (degree) CCPM
  • CNC machined aluminum boom clamps
  • CNC machined aluminum motor and engine mount
  • Ball bearing supported pinion/clutch assembly
  • Full ball bearings throughout
  • Glow, Electric, and Gasoline powered models available
  • Extra large fuel tank on glow model for extended flight times
Rotor Head:
  • Full ball bearings
  • Heavy duty linkages
  • 9mm head axle
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate
  • CNC machined main rotor grips
  • CNC machined main rotor head
  • High quality swashplate heim ball/ball bearing
Tail Rotor: 
  • Full ball/thrust bearings
  • Graphite tail fin
  • CNC aluminum “open” gearbox
  • Aluminum 22mm tail boom
  • Positive control system
  • Hardened tail rotor output shaft
  • Carbon/Aluminum boom supports
  • High Visibility Painted Epoxy-Glass Canopy by CanoMOD™

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